Greg S. White
Celeritex Chief Executive Officer


As Chief Executive Officer of Celeritex, Mr. White oversees the development of policies, procedures and objectives for marketing and selling the organization's services.  He oversees service development, pricing, marketing budgets and sales objectives; directs the sales force and marketing group; and provides marketing expertise to the executive management team.









Brian White
Celeritex Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, and Facility Security Officer


As Chairman of Celeritex, Mr. White's primary responsibilities include the development of primary goals, operating plans, policies and short- and long-range objectives for the organization; implementing, directing and coordinating activities to achieve profit and return on capital; establishing the organizational structure and delegating authority to subordinates; leading the organization towards objectives, meeting with and advising other executives and reviewing results of business operations; determining action plans to meet the needs of stakeholders; and representing Celeritex to the financial community, major customers, government agencies and the public.
In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Mr. White directs the overall financial plans and accounting practices of the organization.  He oversees treasury, accounting, budget, tax and audit activities.  He oversees financial and accounting system controls and standards, and ensures timely financial and statistical reports for management.
Mr. White also serves as Facility Security Officer for Celeritex.









John Coffman, CHP
Celeritex President


As President of Celeritex, Mr. Coffman manages organization operations by directing and coordinating activities consistent with establishing goals, objectives and policies set by the Chairman & CFO.  He implements programs to ensure attainment of business plans for growth and profit.  He provides direction and structure for operating units.  He participates in developing policies and strategic plans.








Fred Gardner, CHP
DeNuke Sr. Vice President


Fred Gardner is the Founder of DeNuke Contracting Services, a nuclear staffing services firm headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  He serves as consultant to nuclear environmental management firms for business development.  Develops proposals and business plans, performs management functions and recruits staff.  Major clients include GE-Hitachi, Progress Energy, Areva, Shaw E&I, Portage Environmental, Energy Solutions, WGI, WSMS, Environmental Chemical Corp., BNFL Inc., Tetra Tech, Foster Wheeler, Resource Technologies Group, United Mergers and Acquisitions.  Mr. Gardner is a skilled capture and proposal manager and leading contributor.  Since 1982, Mr. Gardner has led and participated in the business development, capture planning, proposal development, negotiations and execution of over $15B of new business including marquee nuclear mega projects including the UMTRA Project, (15 years, $9B), Denver Radium the largest Superfund project ever awarded at that time ($87M, 5 years), Paducah Remediation, (4 years, $300M) and many other first of a kind proposals, resulting on successful capture.  Mr. Gardner has a Master’s degree in Health Physics and is a Certified Health Physicist (CHP).